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As promised, I have a Role Playing Game up and ready. If you're interested, go to, click on Other, and then on Visiting Ancients. Any other questions, just ask. The background is a follows:

While exploring the archeological dig left by the Preservers of the Ancients, a group of students come across a rare and wonderful find. They are not entirely sure how it works; all they know is what it does. It takes the imagination and transfers it to a time many thousands of years into the past. It is, for all practical proposes, a time portal.

Envision fighting along with the Children of Israel at the Battle of Jericho. Imagine aiding the Queen Esther as she prepares for what could be her death-walk to see the king. Consider what it was like to be at the foot of Jesus’ cross witnessing the moment all history was created for. That’s what this portal does.
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